Meet Our LIVEGOOD Team

True Leadership Creates True Success

Ben Glinsky

Ben Glinsky


With over 20 years of experience owning and running some of the most successful companies in the network marketing industry, Ben knows how to help people win!

Not only have Ben’s companies created more than 100 different products, done hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and helped tens of thousands of people earn income in the network marketing industry, but his software company continues to power many of the top companies in the space.

But what we love most about Ben is that he leads by example. His focus is on helping others. And that’s the ONLY reason that LiveGood was created.

“People NEED nutritional supplements to be healthy. Unfortunately, most people just can’t afford them. On top of that, it’s very difficult for many people to sell expensive products to friends just so a few people at the top of a compensation program can make money. Now, people can get the products they need at prices they can afford, and can be proud to share them with friends.” When Ben’s not changing the world through his businesses, you can find him coaching his kids’ soccer teams, snowboarding with his family and friends, mountain biking, fishing, surfing, and just enjoying life.

Ryan Goodkin

Ryan Goodkin

Director of Product Development

With a degree in biology and fitness from Florida State University, Ryan has a rare and unique background of being both a natural health practitioner, as well as a Doctor of Pharmacology. Not only has this allowed Ryan to fully understand how the body works and what it needs to operate at it’s best, but it has also given him the opportunity to study various products, supplements, and ingredients both by themselves and in combinations with others, to understand what each body function and organ needs to be healthy and stay healthy.

What’s even more impressive about Ryan than even his incredible experience, is they way he’s been able to take what he has learned and use it to maximize both his own health, as well as help so many others.

While there are a lot of supplements on the market, and several very high-quality supplement companies, Ryan only recommends the products he believes with best him his patients. But there have been two main challenges:

1High quality supplements can be very expensive, and many people can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars a month.
2Many of the products he has been using and recommending could actually be formulated even better. That means adding some ingredients, removing ingredients, changing amounts of ingredients, or using different forms of raw materials.

That's how LiveGood was born.

As Director of Product Development, along with the research and brainpower of our incredible manufacturers and formulators, Ryan has hand formulated each and every one of the LiveGood products utilizing only the highest quality ingredients harvested from the purest sources around the globe.

“I don’t create products to sell. I create products to USE, and for my family to use. There is no way I am going to let my family put something in their body that I don’t trust 100%. That’s why I started LiveGood. I formulated every product. I know exactly what is in them. And I would not go a day without them!” - Ryan
Lisa Goodkin

Lisa Goodkin

Director of Product Education

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, Lisa not only teaches people how to maximize their health and wellness, she lives it! From the healthy foods she intentionally chooses to eat and to feed her family, to the way she designs her fitness routine and workouts to specifically build and maintain various muscle groups, organs, and bodily functions, to spending time outdoors, in nature, and with her family, to minimizing stress and maximizing productivity, Lisa is a living example of what is possible when we make the decision to give our bodies what they need!

While it’s important to have leaders who live what they teach, it’s Lisa’s passion for helping others that truly makes her so special.

With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Lisa knows what works and what doesn’t work for people of all levels of health and fitness. And her commitment to helping people truly understand how their bodies work and what can make them perform at peak levels, is exactly why we are beyond proud and blessed to have her as our Director of Product Education.

If you’re not currently following Lisa on social media, you are truly missing out. Be sure to add her for valuable free tips, education, and exciting adventures!

Because even though she is a bit of a health nut, Lisa will never miss out on a glass of wine with friends, birthday cake with her amazing kiddos, cliff jumping with her husband, chasing her dogs around the yard, or any other opportunity to have fun! She truly is an amazing person and we are so excited that she is such an important part of the LiveGood team!

Nauder Khazanedar

Nauder Khazanedar

Chief Marketing Officer

A legend in the network marketing industry, Nauder has coached, trained, and helped thousands of people be better, do better, and achieve more than they ever thought they could. Nauder is a true leader and friend to everyone.

Since 1998, Nauder has been a top leader, income earner, coach, trainer, consultant, and company owner for some of the most successful companies in the network marketing industry. Very few people on the planet have the resume that Nauder does when it comes to Network Marketing.

But what truly separates Nauder from other top earners and company owners in the industry is his heart and humility. It doesn’t matter what a person’s background is, how long they have been in the company, or their level of success. If they have the desire, Nauder is always available to help…even if they are promoting a different business or company.

Nauder’s leadership goes far beyond and far deeper than just the network marketing industry. He donates thousands of hours every year to ministry and to helping underprivileged kids and families create a better life for themselves. When we say Nauder has a passion for helping others, his actions speak for themselves. He is a true servant leader.

When Nauder is not building businesses or consulting with other leaders and companies, his time is spent doing what he loves with people that he loves. Along with his wife, Melissa, and 5 amazing kids, Nauder enjoys spending time with his family serving others.